To avoid any kind of misinterpretation, we will really appreciate, before placing your order, you should read all the terms and conditions very thoroughly. And then also if you have any kind of confusion, you can first clear it with our team. The money will be refunded if our work did not match with the requirements, which you have mentioned at the time of order or if your work is plagiarized. It is requested that you should read our refund policy below for claiming a valid refund:You would be eligible to apply for the refund if we: * Provide you the Plagiarised work * Failed to submit the work on promised deadline. * Customer support would not be responding to your queries in 24 hours The following important points are also the part of our refund policy: * Refund would be applicable ONLY when the order provided would be completely failed to meet the requirements. * The company would NOT be providing 100% refund to all the refund claims. 10% of the total order would be HELD by the company as the different deducted charges during placing the order * Please NOTE that refund can only be claimed WHITIN 15 days just after the delivery of the order by the company * No REFUND POLICY would be applicable for the urgent orders * It is truly recommended to ask for the revision first BEFORE claiming a refund of the order. * No Refund Policy would be applicable without providing the ACTUAL RESULTS and the feedback to the company, received by the student. * Once you have claimed the refund, you would have lost the right to use the paper anymore and now the paper would be completely belonging to the COMPANY Only. Also, Strict Action would be taken by the Company’s Authority if anyone still found to be using the same paper even after claiming the refund. * No Refund would be applicable for the minor mistakes that could be corrected instantly including the formatting, citations and references, etc. * The company would NOT be responsible for getting the poor grades or failure. And NO REFUND could be claimed in this case. Note: The Company completely reserves the legal right to dismiss the requested refund claims that do not meet our Refund Terms and Conditions. But, in case, if we are unable to meet the promised deadline, then the refund could be claimed. Important note: The Company reserves the right to take Strict Legal Action and immediately report the law enforcement agencies against any misconduct or any type of threats given to the company.

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